Salix Homes Clean Up Initiative Moves 5 Tonnes of Rubbish

Salix Homes Clean Up Initiative Moves 5 Tonnes of Rubbish

Around five tonnes of rubbish has been cleaned away from the Salford streets thanks to residents and with the support of Salix Homes. The housing association based in Salford, Salix Homes has been supporting community clean-up operations taking place on the Whit Lane Estate in Charlestown as well as around Duchy Road. These operations helped to remove old furniture, dumped rubbish and fly tipped waste from the area.

This mass clean will have clear health and environmental benefits, but also seeing communities come together to make where they live a better place can maintain community relations and help to develop a sense of belonging and community spirit. The involvement of the residents is also a solution for reducing isolation and improving wellbeing. Around 20 local children also got involved to help clear away the rubbish and debris, helping to clear away two tonnes of waste from the area.

Mick Walsh, the Neighbourhood Manager from Salix Homes for the Duchy, Kershal and Langworthy has said that it was great to see such a strong community response and so many kids getting involved in the project. The dedication that has been shown to remove so much waste from the Salford streets showed how important it is to many people that a clean community environment is maintained.

The children who got involved with this project were rewarded for all of the hard work that they put in with fruit bags that were donated by McDonalds. These clean-up operations were both funded by a £200 boost from Salix Homes Springboard grant. This scheme looks to deliver funding to local projects and initiatives that work to improve the environment, boosts community spirit, promotes health and wellbeing or reduce isolation. Salix launched this Springboard fund this summer and has so far donated nearly £30,000 to dozens of local causes and projects.


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