Offsite Solutions Experienced Unprecedented Levels of Growth

Offsite Solutions Experienced Unprecedented Levels of Growth

The leading manufacturer of bathroom pods in the UK, Offsite Solutions, has experienced a record breaking volume of orders in the past year. The business has seen £30 million of orders for bathroom pods over the last six months alone. This is the largest intake of orders that have been experienced in the history of the company.

The offsite manufacture of bathroom pods to be used on development sites allows for an improvement in quality, speed and efficiency for a development. Offsite has seen an increase in demand across the board, including residential development, mixed-use projects, build-to-rent, care homes and university accommodation. The main increase in the volume of orders has come from residential schemes such as mixed-use developments and the build-to-rent sector.

There has been an increase in interest for factory built bathrooms in the care homes sector as well as an increase in the size of the developments taking place in this sector. This scale increase has mainly come from larger care home providers looking to expand.

For developments that are taking place to offer more University accommodation, developers are having to contend with the increase in the demand for higher specification living facilities. Now students are wanting 4* and above facilities due to the high cost of accommodation. Due to the competition for these places, accommodation has to be created to meet this demand.

Offsite Solutions has seen an increase of 50% in the number of orders recorded in comparison to the same period last year and their expanding range of bathroom pods suitable for a range of building types and applications, the company will no doubt continue to see improvement. It was announced in July that Offsite Solutions will invest £5 million into an investment programme that will lead to the expansion of their production facilities in Somerset.


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