Number Of People Buying Houses Has Been Significantly Decreasing Over the Years

Number Of People Buying Houses Has Been Significantly Decreasing Over the Years

The number of people who are buying houses has been significantly decreasing over the last seven years. With the recession and the lack of houses actually being built, it is thought that the younger generation are the ones who are being affected the worst in this area. With the current Conservative Government proposing to build a million new homes by 2020 in the past, with 160,000 of these planned to be constructed on tory land. However the plans could be up for significant change with the upcoming election. If the Conservatives no longer hold the majority on Friday, will there still be the permission to construct more than 150,000 homes on their land? Would other parties alter these plans, leading to less houses built?

The conservatives are also wanting to improve the current Right to Buy Scheme which will see councils being able to sell their homes to tenants after ten or fifteen years of construction. It is thought that this project will help those get onto the property ladder that would previously have seriously struggled to do so.

Labour has said that they want to create “Secre Homes for all; which means that the party wants to create a department that will focus completely on dealing with the country’s housing crisis. Labour also want to extend the Help to Buy scheme for another decade in an attempt to try and help people who are at risk of being priced out of an area.

It is clear that whatever the outcome is after the general election, there will still be a demand for thousands upon thousands of new homes to be available at affordable prices. Creating new homes should also help those that are paying a significant amount of money in rent each month and could see them get onto the property ladder.


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