New study was Conducted to Find Out what Adults May look for When They Move House

New study was Conducted to Find Out what Adults May look for When They Move House

A new study of 2000 adults was conducted to find out what they look for when they move house. Ranked first and second in the list of concerns are accessible parking outside the property and the council tax band. Whereas Home security ranks number 43 on the list of priorities; that’s below types of nearby supermarkets and how much decorating would be required in the property.

The study of 2000 adults who have previously moved house lists the top 50 things that are considered when moving. Family orientated movers are more concerned about proximity to family than the potential security of their new home.

Alarmingly 70% of those asked reported that when they move into their new house, they aren’t concerned with installing burglar alarms; while 16% say they don’t lock their doors and windows when leaving their new property.

The study, conducted by security specialist Yale, shows that home security is a lot lower on the list of prospective buyers’ priorities than previously assumed. In contrast, the local crime statistics are included in the top 10, which would suggest a concern for safety.

A third of those polled were concerned about broadband speed when looking for places to move whereas 48% focus on how noisy the neighbors would be.

36% of the 2000 stated that they were more concerned about what was going into the new property than the security of it. The Home Office released the statistic that you are almost twice as likely to be burgled within the first 12 months of moving in to a new property. So it would be worth more consideration what security measures are in place and who previous owners could have given keys to the property.

Other things that ranked lower than home security were the colour of the paint in the kitchen, ranked 50th ; who will have which bedroom, ranked 44th; and whether the prospective buyers curtains will fit the windows of the new property, ranked 48th.


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