New Opportunity to Seek Help for Landlords

New opportunity to seek help for landlords

A new opportunity has arisen in the North of Ireland for landlords with whatever grievances that they have to get in touch to seek advice and guidance from qualified advisors. Whereas before one might have to wait a long time before advice could be sought on how to deal with disruptive tenants or inquire about landlord-tenant law guidelines without resorting to the cost of hiring a solicitor, there is now the chance for proprietors in the private sector to voice their concerns to a helping hand. What is more and even more attractive to potential enquirers is the fact that the service itself is completely free to boot.

This new service, available from January 10th, was set up in conjunction with the stellar support of the Housing Rights charity fund. It is hoped that with the success of the charity helpline, open five times a week and five hours each day, individuals all over the United Kingdom will be able to receive useful and accurate guidance so that emotions and relations between members of the wider community remain strong and that any disputes are settled amicably and without malcontent. Covering a wide range of various issues, this new helpline will help landlords and their respective tenant on issues as wide and varied such as rent, contractual law, maintenance conditions of the households themselves and the various responsibilities landlords owe to their tenants and vice versa. It is hoped that members living with rent in the private sector will be able to improve their relations and that the world of landlord-tenant relations in the locations of Northern Ireland will be a better place for it.

The helpline is eager to receive as many queries as possible and urges those interested to contact them on 02890245640 to secure the immediate help of an advisor on whatever query, comment or complaint they wish to make.


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