New Fire Resistant Hoods Developed for Integrated Sound Systems

New Fire Resistant Hoods Developed for Integrated Sound Systems

New fire and acoustic hoods have been developed by Q Acoustics and their sister company Audica. The two companies formed a partnership to develop the new hoods that will for many buildings, make the integration of speakers compliant. This new hood is available in a range of different sizes in order to fit the speaker size and will be a great new product for property developers and builders working on a property or a development that features in-ceiling or in-wall speakers in the design.

The hoods are compatible with the complete range of speakers offered by Q Acoustics Install and Audica. These new products will be compliant with the new legal requirement for speakers that are installed below a room that in habitable or an escape route has a fireproof hood. The product is designed to melt when faced with the high temperatures of a fire and create a seal around the speaker that when tested could offer between 30 and 60 minutes of fire resistance.

As well as providing enhanced fire protection, the hood also seeks to prevent sound leakage from the back of the speaker. This means that the hood stops, or reduces the level of noise that is passed into different rooms from the back of the speaker. It is thought that the new hood can cut down rear transmission of sound by around 10dB. This means that homeowners can enjoy their music with minimal disturbance caused to other residents in the complex or neighbouring properties.

These new Q Acoustic and Audica hoods have been tested at the UK Building Test Centre and passed the requirements to comply with Part B and Part E of the UK Building Regulations. These compliance’s certify the fire resistant rating of between 30 and 60 minutes. These hoods are a part of an innovative way to improve a property or to add more value on to a development.


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