LNT Care Developments Have Been Grated for the Building of a 66 Bed Care Home

LNT Care Developments Have Been Grated for the Building of a 66 Bed Care Home

Permission has been granted for the building of a 66 bed care home. The permission has been granted to LNT Care Developments and the development will be located on the site of the former Herne Bay Golf Club in Herne Bay.

The development plans have been approved by the Canterbury City Council on the 16th March. It is thought that the care home will be used as a facility that will provide both residential and dementia care for those who are aged 65 years or older.

The project is expected to have construction start in June this year and the work is expected to be finished in May 2018. It is thought that when it is completed, the home will be able to integrate with other facilities in the community like shops, churches and schools. The development is expected to provide accommodation that will be built to a high standard and will have en-suite bedrooms as well as good quality communal areas and high spec amenities. As part of the care home development there will also be a cinema, library, garden room and rea shop built in the landscaped grounds of the former Golf Club.

The finished care home is expected to deliver quality care as well as being able to provide a lifestyle choice for local people that is positive and can help those who are frail, elderly or living with dementia. The development is being carried out by LNT Care Developments on behalf of Barchester Healthcare. It is thought that the project will create 50 jobs within the local area as well as delivering a high specification resource for the elderly in the local community.

The building work is thought to include both inte4lligent dementia design as well as being eco-friendly. The site will use ground source heat pumps as well as solar thermal panels and LED lighting. All of these adaptations are thought to keep the cost of utilities for the facility low.


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