LIA and LAI sign Agreement to Work Together

LIA and LAI sign Agreement to Work Together

In order to prepare for the future and Brexit, The Lighting Industry Association, LIA, and the Lighting Association Ireland, LAI, have signed an agreement which will see both organisations working together for the benefit of their members in the rock times ahead.

The LIA has been established for more than 80 years and is well known for being Europe’s biggest Trade Association, as well as, with more than 250 members, being a global authority on the lighting industry. The LAI has less experience, being in its third year of operation. However, the LAI has been thoroughly involved in the design, manufacture, distribution and installation of light fittings around Ireland.

The members of these two organisations will, as part of the recently signed agreement, will be able to make the most of a number of wider benefits. These new opportunities for members of the organisations include training possibilities through to the ability to network and meet new client and partners at different social events. The members will all also have the opportunity to use the UKAS-accredited lighting laboratory which is operated by the LIA.

With Brexit on the horizon, an agreement of this nature could not come at a better time. The two associations feel that it is important that mutually beneficial ties are formed between the UK and the EU, meaning that the strength of the lighting industry and its international business relationships are maintained as well as maintaining opportunities for improvement in the future.

The knowledge and experience that has been gained by the LIA while it has been established could offer insight into how the lighting industry could remain as strong as possible in the face of any change while continuing to represent the needs of its members. A closer business relationship between the LIA and the LAI will benefit all members and the industry in the future.


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