LGIM with Urbanbubble to Propose New BTR Services

LGIM with Urbanbubble to Propose New BTR Services

The buy to rent scheme that has recently been announced by the government in its white paper on housing development in this country has enabled Legal & General Investment Management Retail Estates (better known as LGIM) to have a collaboration with urbanbubble in order to ensure that new tenants and residents to the scheme get the best deal out of what is being offered to them But what various services are they planning to implement for these new tenants who attach themselves to this BTR agenda? Well, for a start they are proposing to offer new residents such luxuries as a car club as well as Wifi connection that is free of charge, something that under the current landlord-tenant schemes in this country would be totally unheard of.

They also want to place an emphasis on the homeliness of the property and not to act as if the property belongs to somebody else while they are renting it: as renters pay good money towards the rent, it is therefore only fair that they be able to treat the property as if it were their own home for the duration of the contract that they have with the property.

This will allow for them to be able to redecorate and furbish the living space of these BTR homes as they please, as well as allow them other things such as the option to keep some pet animals within the property during their stay. This particular allowance is often prohibited in many rented properties and will therefore act as a welcome piece of news to animal lovers looking to rent property through the scheme, which will additionally enable a more reasonable deposit system as well as a reduction in the cost of moving from one property into another. On the particular Salford site where this BTR project is being initiated, there will also be on-site staff that will be available to deal with any queries that the tenants wish to raise.


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