Isos Aid Charity that Aims to Help Young Mothers

Isos Aid Charity that Aims to Help Young Mothers

The housing and development company known as Isos has extended a helping hand towards a charity organization in the South Shields area of the country whose aim is to help young mothers under the age of 25 in coping with the challenges of balancing childcare with employment opportunities. Indeed, Isos recognizes the hard work that the Bright Futures charity puts towards improving the lives of these women, which includes classes and tutorials on how they can improve their employability in the workplace as well as how they can balance this with the vital care that their children require on a daily basis. Having invested no less than £14,700 into the charity, it is evident that Isos have released a lot of pressure off the charity and have enabled it to have the kinds of funds that will help it to grow and progress, so that it can deliver its excellent services to the people that need it all over the South Shields community and beyond.

An Isos Community Involvement member known as John Temple has voiced his satisfaction that the charity itself is so dedicated to helping young women overcome the many challenges that they have to face in this country at the present moment. With the current Tory government’s cutting of services and implementation of irregular employment contracts, it is becoming harder and harder for women in this country to make ends meet and look after their children at the same time.

Isos clearly recognizes this and their charitable funding is a testament to their dedication and appeal in the local community, where they have a strong and popular base particularly in the West Harton area of the country. Through their hard work, it is hoped that the charity will continue to expand its services and that the South Tyneside Council will be helped as much as possible in giving young people the services that they require, despite government cuts and the uneven distribution of wealth in this country.


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