Housing suggests boost in economy according to Land Registry

Housing suggests boost in economy according to Land Registry

Released today have been the latest facts on the price growth of homes in England that have suggested a much more positive light in the wake of Brexit than had been initially projected, so says a Chief Executive Officer at eMoov. Mister Russell Quirk stresses in his quote that the released information from the Land Registry, which demonstrates that there has been a 1.1 per cent increase every month in house prices, demonstrates that despite the worries caused by Britain’s impending exit from the European Union, hopes are still high that the economy in Britain will surf the waves of Brexit. Whilst there was a prediction by many that London would be particularly hit by the decision by the British people to leave the European Union, Mister Quirk states that the capital city is still doing very well and sees this as a sign that perhaps the clouds have been cleared on the Brexit horizon.

Following the percentage figures released by the Land Registry Mister Russell Quirk, an apparent connoisseur of the property market, points out that the growth of housing prices across the rest of the country including in the Northern regions of England has demonstrated that the majority of the country still have the confidence that it was thought Brexit would smash apart. In contrast to this apparent newfound confidence in the British economy, the areas in the South Eastern regions of the country actually demonstrated the smallest rise in economic growth. In this region where house prices tend to be more costly than in the rest of the country, and being the location of some of the more affluent areas in the country, Mister Quirk suggests that this uncertainty for the economy is in stark contrast to that of the other areas around the United Kingdom. It will of course be interesting to see how this positive spin on the state of the economy will progress as Britain jumps headlong into a new year and a new economic future.


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