has Found the 40% of Properties in London do not have no Outside Space has Found the 40% of Properties in London do not have no Outside Space

A new study by has found that 40% of properties that are currently on the market in London have no outside space. In the Tower Hamlets are, just a third of listings have outside space when in the Bexley and Bromley area, four out of five properties that are put on the market have been listed with gardens.

Throughout the country, 31.4% of homes don’t have a garden. Therefore, London sits above the country wide average for lack of outside space. At the opposite side of the scale, Grimsby comes at the top of the list with 93% of properties on the market in that region have gardens.

As it is quite likely that many of London buyers’ will have a garden or some form of outside space of their wish lists. However, a survey completed by shows that house buyers can face stiff competition for the four out of ten properties with outside space that are currently on the market.

It isn’t surprising that such a heavily developed city has a lack of garden space for their houses, with Zone one areas of London worst off for outside space. For those looking for property in London, it will be more likely that you will find a property with a garden in the outer boroughs of the capital city.

Across all UK towns and cities, nearly a third of properties for sale have access to a garden. Other cities with a high number of properties for sale without garden space in Gateshead with 55.1% of properties for sale not having a garden. It does make sense that the more built up towns and cities have a lower access to outside space.

The results of the HouseSimple survey places Barnsley, Southport and Chesterfield near the top of the list with over 80% of properties for sale having access to a garden. Crawley comes in Second to Grimsby with 91.2% of properties with a garden.


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