Grenadier Completed Emporer House for LV=

Grenadier Completed Emporer House for LV=

The Exeter-based developer of sustainable property, Grenadier has announced that they have managed to complete a new office project that will be occupied by LV=. The insurance company will be occupying the development which is considered to be the most energy efficient building in the entire of the South West of the UK.

Grenadier has developed the 22,500 sq. ft. Emperor House which has recently been awarded the EPC A+ rating. The development will deliver enough low-carbon electricity to power the equivalent of 40 homes a year while also saving 57 tonnes of CO2 each year. The Grenadier development has been successfully let to the insurance company LV= Exeter team.

This sustainable and low-emission building will include insulated cladding as well as LED lighting and a rooftop solar installation that has the capacity to generate 128kW of energy. After the awarding of the EPC A+, Emperor House has officially become a part of the most energy efficient buildings in the country. This rating means that the building is a part of less than one percent of the entire building stock across England and Wales that is able to meet the EPC A+.

It is hoped that the development will be an example to similar developments across the Exeter and South Wales, as well as the country as a whole. It is vital at that developments become more energy efficient in order to cut carbon emissions. It is also beneficial for clients and developers to create more sustainable developments as they lead to greater energy efficiency and low-carbon electricity generation at lower costs.

The Exeter LV= team will be occupying the building at some point over the next few weeks. It is important that energy efficiency is recognised across the country, and it is great that such a well-known company will be moving into this energy efficient building.

LV= have expressed their commitment to delivering a working environment that is happy and productive for their employees. Therefore, it is good news for the company that the move to Emperor House can fulfill this commitment to their employees while also ensuring that their operations have the minimum impact on the environment.


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