FunkyHeat Ltd Releases New Bathroom Mirror Heater

FunkyHeat Ltd Releases New Bathroom Mirror Heater

The Yorkshire based company, FunkyHeat has released their innovative new product. It was revealed last week that the award-winning company has created an infrared Bathroom Mirror Heater. The business managed to win the Innovation in Sustainability award at the Designer Kitchen and Bathroom awards in 2016 for their high quality heating solutions that merge design and economical heating solutions.

FunkyHeat Ltd manufacture all of their products in Italy, using the highest quality venetian glass available to create their products. The company offers their innovative heating products to specifiers, architects, interior designers and customers in order offer everyone access to their design focused products. The business offers a range of FAR infrared heaters with the option to customise the heaters with images, photos and logos is their client desires.

The latest product to be released by FunkyHeat is the Bathroom Mirror heater. This new product has the power to heat the entire bathroom economically with the use of infrared technology. The mirror also has integrated LED lights to offer extra light when required as well as an integrated Bluetooth speaker. The heated Mirror can be used to significantly cut down on heating costs, condensation, black spot mould and the constant need to mirror clean.

The new Bathroom Mirror Heater has been made by hand with high quality components to deliver the best product possible to their customers. The crystal clear mirror features controls that have been crafted with the customer in mind, offering a touchscreen pad on the mirror heater and supplied with a simple programmable wireless controller.

FunkyHeat has launched their latest product this week. The award-winning company has released their Bathroom Mirror Heater, the latest product in their range of innovative line of heating products. FunkyHeat Ltd creates their products to be used for specifiers, architects, interior designers and customers to browse and select from. FunkyHeat Ltd has crafted the new heated bathroom mirror as a continuation of their aim to combine economic heating systems and stylish design. An extensive amount of experience in heating as well as interior design has allowed the company to develop these innovative solutions with the latest technology and the most modern design trends.


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