Female Leadership in Property Insurance Repairs

Female Leadership in Property Insurance Repairs

Sarrani Ltd, a London based property insurance repairs specialist led by MD and founder Rachel Stockley, believes that being a female led company has been instrumental to its success. In an industry that is so heavily male dominated, only 11% of construction professionals are women and even less hold a leading position.

“Property insurance claims are a lot more difficult, time-consuming and stressful to manage than most people realise,” explained Rachel. “In my experience, many of our clients, especially women, feel more reassured and nurtured when dealing with a woman in a stressful situation. They know they can call us and we will be more empathetic to their situation. Women are great at multitasking and tend to be good relationship builders, which helps to build stronger connections with customers and improve business performance too.”

For those who have little to no building knowledge or the time to deal with it, navigating insurance repairs can become overwhelming. To take a burden off their shoulders, Sarrani steps in and “acts as the central point of contact for all parties concerned and coordinates everything required to enable an insurance claim and the associated repair works to progress as smoothly as possible,” said Rachel.

Sarrani operates throughout the M25 area and it has just launched an emergency plumbing service to enhance its existing offering. The new emergency service covers all types of plumbing emergency, including leaking or burst pipes and cylinders, leak detection, boiler or underfloor heating breakdown, seized stopcocks and blocked drains. The service also covers all types of property, from residential flats and houses, through to commercial premises.

“Our aim is to make life as easy as possible for our clients, and by adding emergency plumbing services to our offering we are able to provide a more comprehensive, all-round service. Not only can our clients rely on us to deal with emergency plumbing repairs as quickly and cost efficiently as possible, but if an associated insurance claim needs to be raised then they can be assured that we have the expertise and resources to assist them with that too,” said Rachel Stockley.


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