DRU Released Their Newest Range of Gas Fires

DRU Released Their Newest Range of Gas Fires

DRU has released their newest range of gas fires. The company is a designer and producer of modern looking gas fires. DRU is most well known for their high quality top of the range gas fires that have all have unique features.

DRU creates high specification gas fires for homes that include features such as a Dynamic Burner system which has been created in order to create high and dense flames as in the gas fire. Other features of the fires are the Eco Wave facility which means that the fires can be altered by smartphone or tablet as well as with the PowerVentⓇ. The remote control of the gas fires is possible with the use of a motorised flue system. This feature also means that the gas fires can be installed in less conventional spaces.

Well known for their sleek and luxurious design, DRU are popular amongst those in the market for a modern gas fire. DRU have been able to make developments for their Global gas fire range. The developments as part of this collection includes a balanced flue which means that a gas fire can be installed even without the presence of a chimney. The balanced flue means that they can be installed with or without a chimney unlike the conventional flue gas fires, as well as being compatible with all UK chimneys. DRU do also sell ranges of more traditional gas fires as well.

DRU create classic letterbox-shaped fires as well as other two and three sided models. The fires have been designed in order to be simple while not detracting from the sight of the flame. The gas fire designer also sells freestanding gas stoves for those wanting a more traditional looking fire. The fires can be designed with tailor made surrounds in order to make the fire sleek and stylish, all in a wide range of finishes and styles.  


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