Brentford FC Made a Number of Amendments to their Plans for the Brentwood Community Stadium

Brentford FC Made a Number of Amendments to their Plans for the Brentwood Community Stadium

Brentford FC have made a number of amendments to their plans for the Brentwood Community Stadium project. The stadium plans had already been approved, but the Championship team has made amendments based on the requirements of the club. These amendments are thought to be the final changes made before the construction work begins.

The original planning application was approved all the way back in June 2014 and since then the plans have been amended in order to meet the requirements put forward by reviews into the requirements of the facility. The construction work is expected to start on this project early next year. The completed stadium is expected by late the following year or early 2020.

Amongst the amendments that have been input since the original approval is a change to the capacity of the stadium, from 20,000 to 17,500. The location of the stadium has also been altered, moving 3 meters to the south of the originally specified site in order to allow for the creation of a road along the northern side of the Championship club’s stadium. Another possible change to the approved plans is the introduction of a safe-standing area, the inclusion of which depends on legislative approval.

The residential development that will be taking place alongside the creation of the new stadium has also seen a number of alterations in order to make sure that the finished site has a better feel and is designed in a way that is more integrated. The new stadium will offer improved lighting and media facilities as well as Premium lounges able to hold 3,000 guests.

The amendments have been put in place in order to make Brentford’s new stadium Premier League compliant, offering an improved residential design of the neighbouring development and reducing any risks of stadium construction and future operations.


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