Bewley Homes Welcomes the New Director Greg Locke

Bewley Homes in Hampshire welcome new director

With the entrance of Greg Locke as a new Director, Bewley Homes are reportedly very pleased and ready to crack open the Prosecco for their new non-executive leader. A highly respected individual in the field, Mister Locke has his fingers in such lucrative pies that include the “Association of Building Engineers” (as an Associate Member) as well as the Chartered Institute of Building (as an Incorporate Member).

With his lengthy experience in engineering and building enterprises, it is clear that he wishes to keep up the extremely high level of success that has so far been carried with Bewley Homes, which is located in the Southern county of Hampshire. However, with a Director such as Greg Locke in town, it is very clear that Bewley Homes will want to expand and build on its fruitful successes into the New Year of 2017 and the hope is that its great achievements will soar to even greater heights than ever before. Mister Andrew Brooks, the current MD of Bewley Homes, is clearly very pleased and chuffed that someone with the Curriculum Vitae of a man like Mister Greg Locke is joining the team as a leading member. Up until this date, Bewley Homes have very successfully dealt in such wide areas of the field as commerce and the buying of land.

It seems therefore that having an individual with a very wide experience in a whole variety of fields is essential to preserving the bright future of Bewley Homes for the future years to come. And with economic uncertainty and Britain facing an exit from the European Union, strong leaders and individuals with a wide range of experience and with a steel and iron-disciplined motivation to succeed, it seems that Mister Greg Locke will be the perfect choice to help secure, preserve and improve the successes of Bewley Homes and all of its employees and attachés


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