Bellway helps Burton home movers to secure their sale in half the average time

Burton home movers : Home movers in Burton have sold their properties in almost half the average time with help from Bellway.

From January to April, people buying at Bellway’s Henhurst Fields development using the developer’s Express Mover scheme to sell their old property found a buyer in an average of 26 days.

That compares with a 51-day average across the East Midlands, according to Rightmove’s House Price Index for April.

Express Mover is available to anyone buying a new home from Bellway. The housebuilder works with a local estate agent to agree a valuation and find a buyer quickly. Bellway pays the agent’s fees and works closely with them until the sale completes.

Heidi Higgins, Sales Manager for Bellway East Midlands, said: “Our Express Mover scheme typically outperforms the rest of the resale market in securing a quick sale.

“This became particularly important towards the end of 2020 and as we entered 2021, with many buyers looking to take advantage of the stamp duty holiday before the end of March. We expected this trend to continue once the stamp duty holiday was extended through the next few months, and it’s clear this is indeed the case.

“The scheme works well because we have long-established connections with agents across the region and we know the market here inside-out. That helps us to identify the right agent, to agree on the right price and to work together as the sale progresses.

“The scheme speeds up the process while achieving maximum value. From January to April, sales using Express Mover at Henhurst Fields achieved an average 99 per cent of the asking price.

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“For our buyers, there is the added bonus that Bellway pays the agent’s fees, saving them thousands of pounds.”

Bellway is building 160 homes at Henhurst Fields off Henhurst Hill in Burton. Three, four and five-bedroom homes are currently available with prices from £212,000.

The stamp duty holiday – which has temporarily raised the threshold at which stamp duty is paid by homebuyers to £500,000 – has been extended until 30 June this year.

Heidi said: “For anyone who is looking to move and has a home to sell, the Express Mover scheme could be a valuable tool. By securing a quick sale for your old property, you will be free to reserve the plot you would like to move to.

“Demand for new homes has been consistently high over the past few months, so it makes sense to put yourself in the strongest possible position. The process is undoubtedly faster and more efficient, as demonstrated by the speed at which our customers found their buyers compared with the regional average.

“The first step is to call one of our sales advisors. They will talk you through what’s involved and answer any questions.”

For more information on homes at Henhurst Fields, call 01283 893948 or see

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