Avant Homes Begin Work on Homes in York

Avant Homes Begin Work on Homes in York

The city of York has been blessed with Avant Homes’ decision to go ahead with the building of new residential properties in the Stamford Bridge sector of the city. This will comprise of a grand total of 120 new house properties across an area of land that totals 16 acres and is located off the bustling Roman Road in York. Valued at no less than a £34 million development, this is excellent news for the council and for the rest of the York community. At a time when not enough homes are being built and people are having to struggle with the intense fluctuations of the housing market in this country, it is always nice to hear about new property developments that are taking place in order to revitalize the growth of property levels in the United Kingdom.

Although the estimation of the completed works is set to last a grand total of three years, it is clear that the Wakefield-based company Avant Homes is investing itself into the Yorkshire area and is keen to ensure that more and more housing opportunities are pursued to the full. Indeed, its MD Mark Mitchell is pleased that the development will christen Avant Homes’ first involvement in building houses in York since the year 2014 and explains that by the last few days of the month of May this year, the first few homes in the York area should be made available for the first new settlers to move into at their convenience.

With 575 people at their ready to implement and oversee construction across all four of their different bases around the United Kingdom, Avant Homes are well on the way to progressing themselves even further than ever as one of the most hard-working property development firms in the country. Indeed, it is evident that this new development in York will put them in good stead for the years that are to come and will help to establish them even better in the Yorkshire region.


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