13 Million Plan Proposed on Leamington Spa’s Social Housing

13 Million Plan Proposed on Leamington Spa’s Social Housing

A new development by Pick Everard, BM3 Architecture, Willmott Partnership Homes and Space Group has created more than 80 new homes. The development was a £13 million scheme in which there was a plan proposed on Leamington Spa’s social housing.

In place of the old social housing there now stands 81 new homes. The building on the site previously was built in the 1960s and was in need of reform. Now quality standard homes stand on the site. With an ageing population, there is an increased demand for high quality housing for occupants over the age of 55. It is also important to meet demands to build homes more sustainably while increasing the amount of homes available to the residents of Leamington Spa.

Pick Everard were the project managers for the development scheme. Work started at the site in May 2015. Warwick District Council were using the scheme to create ‘Lifetime Homes’, becoming the first housing scheme to be brought in for more than 30 years. The modern redevelopment consists of 76 apartments and five bungalows on the previous site of the 1960s properties.

With Pick Everard project management, BM3 Architecture provided the designs of the regeneration. The framework of Scape Major Works allowed the construction to be done by Willmott Partnership Homes.

Special features of the properties to make them more sustainable include Biomass boilers. These boilers will reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the homes. The homes were also built with sustainable technologies to improve the thermal efficiency of the building fabric. These measures will reduce the energy costs for the development. The residential builds are classed as Code 4 developments which means that the emissions from the builds are 25% lower than that of the minimum standard allowed.

The site has been updated into energy efficient, desirable and affordable homes. Furthermore, the experience of building with sustainable technology will improve Pick Everard and Willmott’s ability to work with more specialised equipment for future developments.


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