YPO Upgrade Lighting Systems at One of Their Main Offices

YPO Upgrade Lighting Systems at One of Their Main Offices

YPO has recently carried out upgrades in all of their lighting systems at one of their main office locations. The business focuses on supplying a wide range of products and services to a diverse client base. YPO works with schools and local authorities as well as charities and emergency services across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland in order to secure the best possible solutions and deals for their customers.

The company is based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire and as well as supplying the best products and services for their customers also like to carry out ‘practice what you preach’ business operations. IN order to account for this ethos, the UK public sector procurement organisation has carried out an upgrade on their outdated fluorescent lighting systems at one of their large office facilities. YPO has replaced these old and inefficient lighting systems with the latest LED technology on the market. This transition will cut running costs for the company as well as reducing carbon output.

YPO is a 100% publicly owned organisation. Because of this it is vital for the business to be as cost effective as possible across all of their operations, meaning that the maximum value can be returned to the taxpayer. This reduction of energy expenditure was the main driver behind the upgrade of the lighting systems. However, the company is also dedicated to cutting down their carbon output while also retaining their overall standard of illumination in order to benefit employees and overall productivity.

Energys, the leading lighting specialist, was engaged by YPO to carry out the work and was selected through a competitive tender which forms a part of the YPO Dynamic Purchasing Framework. CapEx funding was used to carry out the upgrades and the fluorescent systems that have become inefficient in comparison to more up to date solutions were replaced.


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