Villages Nature® Paris Tourism Sustainable Project Launched

Villages Nature® Paris Tourism Sustainable Project Launched

The One Planet Living framework by Bioregional has been used as an integral part of a new tourism project near Paris. Yesterday, the Villages Nature® Paris officially opened three miles away from another popular tourist attraction, Disneyland, and 20 miles away from Paris.

The Bioregional’s One Planet Living framework has been essential for this project in order to make sure that the project has been able to achieve its high ambitions during development. The car-free site, with 868 cottages and apartments, lakes woodlands, meadows and gardens has been created in as a family oriented resort that is in harmony with nature and the planet.

Bioregional has been involved with the project since its inception and has been monitoring the overall sustainability of the resort. This monitoring will continue now that the resort is officially open. It is hoped that in time the resort will be able to attract more than a million visitors each year.

Tourism is a growing industry, and could be very damaging to the environment. The new Villages Nature® Paris resort is a demonstration of how the industry can make changes, set new standards and ensure that they are a force for good, while reducing the environmental impacts and also offering support to the local economy.

The One Planet Framework has been based on ted simple One Planet Principles and has been used in projects large and small all around the world for the creation of individual homes and smaller organisations to major retailers and larger infrastructure projects. The One Planet Principles can be used to plan, deliver and communicate ideas for a more sustainable development in order to ensure that the projects being developed can support local communities while also promoting healthy and happy lives while respecting the limits of the planet.


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