Praise for Principle’s high-quality refurbishment of premium apartments near Kensington Gardens

The owners of a collection of 39 premium apartments near to Kensington Gardens in central London have praised Principle Estate Management for its high-quality external refurbishment works.

Principle’s project focused on timber repairs to rotten windows, redecoration of all windows, doors and railings, along with replacement finishes to balconies across the six-storey Palace Court on Hereford Road and Moscow Road in Bayswater.

The property, which ranges from one-bedroomed to three-bedroomed apartments, also needed various roof and chimney repairs, replacement of damaged glazing, plus repairs and thorough cleaning of all external brickwork and stone.

A spokesperson for 52/85 Palace Court Ltd, the residents’ management company which engages Principle to look after the property, said: “What a great difference the successful completion of this project has made to our lives.

“We had some severely deteriorated wooden windows, rusted railings and a range of damage to brickwork, chimneys and tiles, plus all the grime and dirt that builds in central London over the years.

“The works commissioned by Principle took every element of these management needs seriously, removing all damaged wood, repairing brickwork and tiles wherever needed, and giving the entire exterior a thorough clean.

“The high-quality redecoration of each window, door, railing and balcony was superb, leaving a finish that every lessee and resident can now be proud of. Thank you, Principle!”

Richard Coles, senior building surveyor at Principle, explained how the extensive project was undertaken in two phases, the first tackling the Hereford Road side and the first section adjoining Moscow Road, and the second then completing the Moscow Road frontage.

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Mr Coles said: “There were a series of challenges on this project, starting with the security issues for the scaffolding that was required.

“We installed warning sensors and various preventative climbing measures to successfully monitor and manage these risks.

“On the job itself, we faced some heavily rotted timber, with some areas in a much worse condition than anticipated.

“We tackled this by using skilled carpenters who undertook timber splice repairs to match the woodwork and resolve this problem.

“Our sub-contractors also face a range of inclement weather during the project, with both rain and snow causing potential issues.

“We therefore worked around this problem by engaging more workers on the site on good weather days so as not to impact the project schedule.

“At all times we were aware that our client and the residents were the priority, as their prestigious building not only needed high-quality repairs and redecoration, but they also required this to happen swiftly and efficiently.

“We were therefore delighted to have completed the project on time, within budget and to a very high standard that will enhance the everyday lives of owners and residents.”

Launched in 2018, Principle has since grown into what is now more than 60 staff looking after a portfolio of more than 11,000 units at around 300 developments across the UK.