New Ventialtion System Launched by Systemair

New Ventialtion System Launched by Systemair

Developments have, over the years become more and more focused on the insulation of a building. This insulation means that in the long run, the tenant or the owner will save money in heating costs. With the increase of insulation and airtightness in developments, ventilation has also had to move forward to keep up.

40% of all of a building’s energy consumption is accounted for with ventilation. This figure illustrates that there is room of improvement in this area of developments. In order to ensure that a well-insulated and airtight room, higher levels of ventilation is needed to achieve the optimal indoor climate.

Systemair have released their latest air handling system, Geniox. The unit has been designed so that it is more efficient during delivery, separated into modules that can be assembled easily by the installers on the site. The casing of the Geniox is also more pleasing to the eye as well as developed from thermally insulated panels. The new unit complies to the best deflection class D1 requirements as well as the air tightness class L2 qualifications, meaning that the Geniox range is more economical than the other units used by Systemair in the past.

The leading ventilation company has also improved their design programme, the SystemairCAD in order to better handle the configuration of the Geniox units. The programme is free for customers to download so that they can configure their own air handling units as well as having the option of choosing one of the pre-configured options.

In order to ensure that all Systemair customers can obtain the most energy efficient ventilation system offered by the company, the Geniox unit is available across a range of different industries throughout the entire company. The unit has been installed in housing and hospitals, data centres, offshore rigs and industrial facilities no matter where they are located.


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