INVESTORS look for ways to put their hard-earned money to work, to deliver those important extras, be it the holiday of a lifetime, a better car, school fees or just the comfort of a nest egg for troubled times.

Shakur Investment Group has worked tirelessly, over the last few months, on rebranding its business, by overhauling its look and feel across all key platforms, whilst also repositioning the business and its strategy. This has all been designed with accessibility in mind.

The rebrand was launched as Shakur Investment Group took centre stage as the headline sponsor at the inaugural Midland Property and Investment Awards in Birmingham.

Abdul Shakur presented the award for Commercial Agency Team of the Year to the team from Bromwich Hardy, in front of 400 people at the gala evening, staged at the Eastside Rooms.

Work on the rebrand has been undertaken by the team, led by Kam Bains, based in Birmingham.

“As an investor I know what I wanted and we have listened carefully to our clients and stakeholders on this rebrand so that it not only looks and feels different but is, we hope, more accessible bringing together, in one place, a range of services that people involved in the property market and investment will be looking for,” said Kam, who is one of the team of experts at the growth specialist agency, Spinach.

The rebrand involved bringing together key parts of the property supply chain, including investment procurement, mortgage brokers, architects, property surveyors and more. Future plans involve bringing in an even broader range of expertise.

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Shakur Investment Group was founded by Abdul Shakur, aged 29, whose experience of growing up in an impoverished part of Birmingham has driven his passion to help people to fund better lives.

In addition to property, the group’s portfolio includes investing in businesses, mergers and acquisitions. It is a specialist in the care home sector that has been expanding to meet the needs of an ageing population, whilst also focusing on other key sectors, including children’s care homes and addiction rehabilitation centres.

There is a consultancy arm of the group, providing a range of services from property and investment professionals. This includes strategic planning, compliance and crisis management, helping property developers expand their knowledge of the industry and giving them all the tools to succeed.

Abdul wants people to be the best that they can be, regardless of their background and even age. That’s why, in his spare time, he swaps his business suit for a track suit, coaching young footballers from inner city Birmingham.

As such, his business remains grounded in the community.

“Businesses always need to evolve, and our rebrand is part of that process. The people who invest with us, typically angel investors who are looking to make their money work for them, want somewhere they can go that provides information in one place.” said Abdul.

“By integrating the supply chain, we are able to better link up the various services and keep standards high.

“We want to support local businesses and I am so pleased that Kam and the team from my own city have been able to come up with something that gets that message across.

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“The brief for Kam and the team was to come up with a rebrand that looks and feels contemporary, as well as providing information in a friendly way that is easy to access.”

Shakur Investment Group knows that people’s hard-earned money is important to them and that it is vital to make informed decisions. Investments can go down as well as up. Your capital is at risk. Investors could have less money to take out than they put in. Past performance is not necessarily a reliable indicator of future performance.