New Housing Development Planned in Whitby

New Housing Development Planned in Whitby

Cioda Architects has been working with the property development company, Caedmon Homes as well as the contractor S&T UK. These three companies have been working together on the development of new builds that are to be located on Bagdale, in Whitby.

The construction project that has been planned will see the creation of eight new town houses as well as two semi-detached properties and 10 apartments which will be split into five different blocks and constructed on a hillside location. The construction has been planned on a site that has been a wasteland for a number of years now. It is great that available land is being used in order to construct houses and help to battle against the housing deficit. It is thought that there is a significant lack of quality new housing found in Whitby, which will be addressed, in part, by this development.

The project has been planned and designed in a way that is in-keeping and sympathetic to the requirements of the famous seaside location. The properties will be finished in materials that allow them to blend in completely with their surroundings. There are a number of advantages to building on this specific location, one of these are that the properties, when complete will also have parking for residents as well as being conveniently located a very short walk away from the centre of the popular town.

Scarborough Council has been praised for their proactivity throughout the discussions about this development. The Council has also been seen to encourage any development that can take place and only have a positive impact on the neighbourhood. With this development in particular, a wasteland is covered and more new houses to meet the demand are constructed. This new announcement follows earlier news that 60 new homes have been approved nearby on land that used to be owned by the Order of the Holy Paraclete.


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