JP Concrete Supply Retaining Wall for McDermott Homes Development

JP Concrete Supply Retaining Wall for McDermott Homes Development

Property Developer McDermott Homes has recently constructed JP Concrete to come up with a retaining wall solution. The solution was required on the steep construction site of Oaklands Rise, where the housebuilder is construction 4 & 5 bedroom executive homes. This housing development is located in Rawtenstall which is near to the iconic Ski Rossendale attraction in Lancashire.

When building a retaining wall traditionally, the units would be cast in-situ as a part of an installation process that would have taken five weeks. The solution that was used by JP Concrete was to create 2,000mm long precast units and install them on site. This method took only 10 days and also represented a significant cost saving for the development company.

Due to the steep location of this executive property development, typical full loads cannot be used as part of the work on this project. Because of the access challenges, the precast solution that was created by JP Concrete helped to further reduce installation time and costs while overcoming the unique challenges of the site.

McDermott, the housebuilder has said that they are very happy with the work that has been carried out by JP Concrete and that the finished retaining wall looks better to the property developers that a number of boundary fences. It has been beneficial to the development that a such a significant time and cost saving has been made, while also promoting the advantages of off-site building solutions. No doubt the use of precast units has been used in the past to overcome construction challenges and will continue to offer a cost and time-effective solution in the future.

JP Concrete have been praised by the property developer, McDermott for being highly flexible when coming up with solutions for the retaining wall as well as paying attention to what their clients wanted. This simple solution shows that a brilliant solution can be found without the need to overcomplicate work on the steep development site that offered a wide range of challenges already.


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