Glasgow Garages Transformed into Urban Mansion

Glasgow Garages Transformed into Urban Mansion

Page\Park Architects have brought forward the proposal to transform a redundant Arnold Clark garage in Glasgow’s Charing Cross into a development consisting of 65 flats with parking space, a raised garden deck and two shops.

Although the existing buildings are still of some interest, including early and late examples of industrial Art Deco, the architects are confident that the development presents an opportunity to complete an urban block of tenements, while rationalising backcourt areas to provide more green space.

The building will be modelled on the historic form of the ‘urban mansion’ and will see a six-storey spine constructed to enclose an internal courtyard with bookend brick projections embracing St George’s Road and Grant Street.

“Seen straight on from St. George’s Road the new building recognises the scale of adjacent tenements, while reintroducing the idea of the ‘urban mansion’ in reference to St George’s Mansion at the corner of Charing Cross,” explained the architects.

“The ‘new mansions’ initiate an axial approach into the linear garden courtyard behind and into the rest of the development. At fifth floor level to St. George’s Road and at fourth floor level on Grant Street, a shallow steel framed glazed balcony expression echoes the detail on the St. George’s Mansions and provides a visual plinth to longer views to the west,” the architects further added.

A key component of the design will be sustainability, with the potential to include rooftop solar panels, provision for the future installation of electric vehicle charging points and the use of air-source heat pumps.


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