Digital Technology Used to Transform The Agnelli Foundation in Turin

Digital Technology Used to Transform The Agnelli Foundation in Turin

The improvement of Digital Technology is helping to deliver more buildings that are able to interact with people. The Agnelli Foundation which is located in Italy has transformed their headquarters in Turin. The Foundation has changed their base into a building that is digitally responsive with the use of an indoor positioning system that has been delivered by Siemens. The new technology is able to adapt in order to meet the current, and real-time needs of the building’s occupants. These occupants will be able to communicate with the building through the use of a simple smartphone app.

The Giovanni Agnelli Foundation was first founded in 1966 in order to celebrate the centenary of the founder of Fiat, the cam manufacturing company, Senator Giovanni Agnelli. The Foundation operates as an independent and non-profit research and cultural institute that is actively involved in the field of human and social sciences.

The Foundation completely re-designed their headquarters and the completed building was opened in the middle of June this year. The building included 3,000 sqm. Of co-working space and is described as an innovative example of both digital and ecological architecture. The redesign of the Turin headquarters has also demonstrated that the Internet of Things, or IoT can be successfully applied to the new-build construction as well as existing facilities.

The development project has implemented the concept of Carlo Ratti Associati for this landmark site and has managed to create optimal working conditions in the building through the use of geo-localisation of people moving around the complex. The technology implemented means that there will be a more efficient management of the systems in the building as well as a greater level of comfort for those working in the space in terms of heating cooling, shading, lighting and access as well as space availability.


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