Aspen Woolf tackling vaccine inequality Aspen Woolf tackling vaccine inequality

The property firm donating 10% of its revenue to help roll out vaccines in lower-income countries

Aspen Woolf tackling vaccine inequality. A Leeds-based property investment company, Aspen Woolf, has begun donating 10% of all its service fees towards tackling vaccine inequality in lower-income countries.

The property investment firm founded in 2005, is behind the sales of several new apartment complexes in Leeds South Bank Holbeck region, namely Springwell Gardens and Sky Gardens.

Aspen Woolf tackling vaccine inequality
Springwell Gardens planned for Leeds South Bank

Aspen Woolf has joined the WHO Foundation Go Give One Campaign (World Health Organisation Foundation) and has begun donating 10% of all its service fees to the foundation to help thousands of people in lower-income countries access COVID-19 vaccinations.

Rich nations across Europe and North America are equipped to vaccinate citizens. However, lower-income countries in Africa, namely Chad, Burundi, South Sudan, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Tanzania lag significantly behind.

The UN states that in lower-income countries, more than 95% of people are yet to receive their first dose, compared with the current full vaccination rate of 69.3% in the UK. Incredibly, less than 0.2% of all vaccinations created have gone to lower income countries.

Aspen Woolf’s ongoing donations, alongside the WHO Go Give One campaign, are especially timely given the outbreak of the Omicron COVID-19 variant which is now widespread in Southern African countries. Many of the lower-income countries who will benefit are also in this region.

Last week, Boris Johnson announced stricter coronavirus measures to tackle the spread of the Omicron variant in the UK, such as working from home and compulsory face masks in public places.

Speaking on the company’s donation programme, Oliver Ramsden, Director at Aspen Woolf, said: “Given last week’s developments around Omicron, alongside the vast inequality of vaccines in lower income countries, it’s clear that COVID-19 is a problem that cannot be solved by any one country or government. We may be largely protected, but others are not. 

“Aspen Woolf believe that none of us will be free from the virus until we are all free. As such, we are proud to be making this pledge with 10% of our revenue and joining the WHO Go Give One Campaign.”

Aspen Woolf has 15 years of operations experience and offices across the UK and the UAE. They are the master agents behind numerous luxury apartment investment opportunities that include the upcoming Springwell Gardens and Sky Gardens in Leeds South Bank.

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