Lewisham Council Selects Guildmore Ltd for Ladywell Playtower

Lewisham Council Selects Guildmore Ltd for Ladywell Playtower

Guildmore Ltd has been selected by Lewisham Council ad Curzon Cinema to renovate Ladywell Playtower into a 3 screen cinema. The Council have recognised that Guildmore are equipped with the team, resources and experience to successfully restore this location, creating a new publicly accessible event space to be enjoyed by the local community.

Guildmore Ltd is a construction firm that was first established in 1998 and focuses on the design and delivery of residential care homes. The company has expanded over the years and also works to become an integrated contracting and property development company with particular experience in the design, construction and long term operating of residential and public buildings. The company’s experience and specialist knowledge in this sector will help to breathe new life into the Ladywell Playtower, saving the building’s currently endangered heritage while also meeting the local demand for a cinema in the Borough. The construction company has worked to transform a range of neglected heritage buildings including the award-winning Poplar Baths in Tower Hamlet.

The key benefit of the proposal laid out by Guildmore Ltd will create a public events space at the heart of the community. The plans for the Playtower include its swift regeneration alongside workshops and other public engagement events, so that the construction company’s team can fully understand the past of the building as well as the present and future, and what this regeneration project will mean to the community. The development will also generate and activity programme for the Ladywell Playtower to make sure that there is an accessible range of event on offer that appeals to a wide variety of audience groups, which will in turn create sustainable links with the local and wider community through programmed activities. There will be opportunities for cross -generational events and workshops with bespoke activities to appeal to different audiences as well as offering upskilling opportunities for volunteers.


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