Unique Pub Experience: Stay at the Plough House in Birmingham with Beer Delivery

The Plough, a popular pub in Harborne, Birmingham, has taken its offerings up a notch by opening a two-bedroom house adjacent to the venue. Named the Plough House, this unique accommodation allows guests to enjoy a pub experience like no other, complete with beer deliveries to their door.

Guests can book a stay at the Plough House on Airbnb for £200 per night. What sets this experience apart is its unbeatable location right next to the pub. Pub enthusiasts will find the convenience of having food and drinks delivered straight to their doorstep irresistible.

The Plough House even has its own mini “pub garden,” featuring outdoor seating for guests to unwind and enjoy their drinks. To enhance the convenience further, guests can order both food and drinks using an iPad located within the house, with direct delivery to their doorstep.

Inside the Plough House, guests will discover a fully-equipped kitchen, a dining area, and tasteful decor with sage accents and wooden flooring. Downstairs, there is a cozy sitting room with comfortable sofas, armchairs, and a fireplace.

Upstairs, the Plough House offers two bedrooms, one with a king-size bed and the other with a double bed, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep after enjoying a few pints at the pub.

For a unique and convenient pub experience in Birmingham, the Plough House offers a delightful blend of relaxation, charm, and the vibrant atmosphere of a bustling pub.

In summary, the Plough House in Birmingham provides a unique accommodation experience where guests can stay adjacent to a popular pub, enjoy beer deliveries to their door, and savor the convenience of an iPad for ordering food and drinks during their stay.

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