Tiny £500-a-Month Studio Flat So Small Landlord Offers to Remove Furniture for More Space

In the bustling property market of Leicester, a pint-sized studio flat is raising eyebrows with its monthly rental cost of £500. The compact living space is so snug that the landlord is willing to remove furniture to create more room.

The studio flat comes furnished with a double bed, a desk, and a wardrobe. However, potential tenants must navigate a narrow gap between the bed and a kitchenette to access the pad. The kitchen area features an oven, sink, and some cabinets, but a bedside table is discreetly tucked beneath the worktop.

The landlord, recognizing the limited space, has generously offered to remove the desk and wardrobe upon request. The sleeping and living quarters are cleverly arranged at the end of the bed.

The studio includes a separate bathroom with a shower, toilet, and basin. However, it lacks amenities like a garden or parking, and utility bills are not covered in the rent.

This snug bedsit is being managed by OpenRent and is available for viewing on Rightmove. Despite its diminutive size, it is deemed suitable for accommodating two people.

The full listing describes it as a “self-contained studio with cooking and washing facilities,” featuring “one bedroom and one bathroom studio to rent.” The property is fully furnished, and the landlord’s flexibility in removing furniture adds to its appeal.

Prospective tenants are required to commit to a minimum six-month lease and provide a £500 deposit. While some may find the studio’s dimensions cozy, others have voiced their concerns about the rental cost, describing it as essentially “half a kitchen with a bed in it, plus a small bathroom.”

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