Tiles & Trims offer superb customer support to ceramics artist Carrie Reichardt

Buckley based tiling tool supplier Tiles & Trims offered their expertise to artist Carrie Reichardt as she prepared a piece for the British Ceramics Biennial.

Carrie had been given a month to have her finished work go on display for this year’s Award exhibition at the British Ceramics Biennial which runs from 23 September to 5 November in Stoke-on-Trent with numerous exhibitions, installations and events celebrating of the creative potential of clay for storytelling, playfulness, risk-taking and activism!

Carrie had a tight deadline to transform a Ford Zodiac (donated to the team by Fat Boy Slim) into a mosaic art piece which would feature strobe lighting, music, and video interviews – celebrating UK rave culture and the birthplace of acid house, in particular Shelley’s nightclub in Longton. 

Having gained a First Class degree in Fine Art and a career spanning many media, including film, performance and sculpture, Carrie is no stranger to using a wet saw to cut a tile or a china plate. For this particular project though, she was after a diamond cutting disc that would leave a clean, crisp finish and the team at Tiles and Trims were happy to provide their advice on what would work best.

David Brundell, [job title] at Tiles and Trims said: “Carrie called us to ask what we recommend when cutting china plates and naturally, we were intrigued. We recommended the Montolit Perfetto 250mm Diamond Blade and Carrie placed her order straightaway. We’re really pleased the diamond cutting disc worked and has made cutting china plates easier for Carrie and the team.”

“It was really humbling that Carrie chose to contact us for a recommendation and it shows that the team at Tiles and Trim can really help in any situation. It’s not often we get asked what’s the best Cutting disc to cut Duchess Bone China Plates and Pill Box Lids so it was good to know we helped!”

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The car is now proudly displayed at the British Ceramics Biennial. 

Carrie said: “I already had a wet saw which I used but the disc I had used to chip all the china so I asked the team at Tiles & Trims what they would recommend to cut ceramic and they suggested I used the Montolit Perfetto. I couldn’t agree more, it cuts through bone china like butter!

“It’ll be useful for me going forward as I need to cut ceramics regularly and I’ve never found a disc that works that well, so this is great.”

The exhibition is available to visit at All Saints Church in Hanley until 5 November.

You can see a short film about the piece created by Darren Washington from One One Six here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CxC7JP1IABk/