Tenants Ridicule £1,083-per-Month Studio with Unusual Bed-Shower-Kitchen Setup

Renters are poking fun at a £1,083-per-month studio apartment that ingeniously combines a bed and a shower within the kitchen space.

This diminutive property is so compact that it lacks room for a separate toilet, obliging occupants to share bathroom facilities with other tenants in the building.

Directly adjacent to the front entrance, a small shower cubicle is inconspicuously tucked away. This unconventional choice places the bed and kitchenette in close proximity.

However, the kitchenette is exceptionally diminutive, making it impossible to accommodate an oven. Instead, it barely manages to house a microwave and a sink. Beneath the sink, a washing machine is tucked away, and there’s room for a mini fridge.

A double bed is wedged in right beside the kitchen, leaving mere inches between the sleeping area and the culinary space. The studio also manages to squeeze in a two-seater dining table.

Despite its limited amenities and compact size, the property description boldly declares it a “larger than average double semi-studio.”

This unique studio is located in Hammersmith, West London, and is available for rent through Spacelet, advertised on Zoopla. The monthly rental fee for this distinctive space is £1,083, and it includes utility bills such as electricity, gas, and water. Additionally, the property offers resident parking.

The description highlights its features: “A larger than average double semi-studio situated within a large Victorian house. Situated in-between West Kensington and Baron’s Court stations with lots of amenities in the area. Fully furnished, own kitchenette, private shower & shared WC. Comprises of: Large bright double flat with a huge bay window providing lots of natural light and ventilation. Furnished with a double bed, built-in wardrobes, chest of drawers, small table and chairs. Own private kitchenette with a built-in hob with combined mini oven, microwave, washing machine, fridge/freezer, fitted stainless steel sink unit and a range of wall and base units. Private shower. Shared WC.”

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Prospective renters have expressed their astonishment and disbelief regarding the property’s unconventional design and compact size. One individual, Adam, questioned how it could lack a toilet, while Michelle Tran pointed out the insufficient storage space. Layla described it as resembling someone’s downstairs living room, and Sam initially mistook it for a lovely bedroom before realizing its multifunctional setup. Others raised concerns about the practicality of opening the door to the washing machine within the limited space.