Mayfair: What Makes It the Ultimate Staycation Destination? 

Mayfair is without a doubt one of the most attractive destinations for those who plan on visiting London in the near future. While known for its opulence as well as its rich historical background, there are several other reasons why this district is considered to be one of the most attractive staycation options. After all, it is still the most expensive street on UK Monopoly board games. Why has Mayfair garnered such rave reviews over the years and why should this location be included within any upcoming itinerary? 

Tourist Attractions Galore

Mayfair has certainly made it a point to cater to the needs of tourists. This can be seen in the many well-known attractions interspersed throughout its confines. Some examples include the Handel House Museum, Wellington Arch and Ripley’s Believe it or Not. In the same respect, we should point out that Mayfair is also home to a plethora of high-end retail shops. The good news is that these all tend to be located in close proximity to one another. So, make it a point to browse the stores found along Bond Street, Regent Street, and Mount Street. You will not be disappointed. 

Practicality and Convenience

Those who plan on travelling to London for the first time will often choose Mayfair dur to its rather practical location. Found only 1.6 miles from the city centre, there are plenty of public transportation options available. This makes it easy to visit many other boroughs without being forced to commute long distances. Access to high-quality serviced apartments in Mayfair is yet another advantage for those who are hoping to take advantage of the latest amenities alongside second-to-none levels of customer service. After all, why leave anything to chance during your upcoming staycation? 

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A Time for Leisure

Mayfair is often touted as one of the most luxurious sections of greater London, and for good reason. While this is indeed true, it should be pointed out that this district is also home to a kaleidoscope of open-air parks. This is ideal for those who plan on travelling with the entire family or for anyone who simply wishes to enjoy a day outdoors free of metropolitan congestion. Consider these well-known parks when planning your next itinerary: 

• Hyde Park 

• Kensington Gardens 

• Coram’s Fields 

• Regents Park and Primrose Hill 

• Princess Diana Memorial Playground (great for children and adults alike) 

• The Children’s Zoo at Battersea Park 

These locations are open throughout the year and they represent excellent ways to enjoy a bit of downtime or to soak up the sun (weather permitting, of course). 

Mayfair continues to represent an extremely desirable tourist destination and thanks to a host of accommodation options, it has never been easier to enjoy all that this location has in store. As always, we encourage you to perform additional online research to discover all of the wonders that await. You will not be let down!