Burnley is Experiencing a Range of New Developments

Burnley is Experiencing a Range of New Developments

A Shopping Centre in Burnley is experiencing a range of new developments including the appointment of a new Shopping Centre Manager. The Charter Walk Shopping Centre has had a new Manager appointed by Addington Capital, the company’s operating partner and independent asset manager and investment business.  

The new appointment of Debbie Hernon has take place amid a range of other changes and developments that will see the opening of a Primark Store in Burnley. This appointment is seen as well timed and Debbie will, no doubt, offer a great deal to the vibrant shopping centre as it continues to expand.

Other developments taking place at the 250,000 sq. ft. shopping centre includes the relocation of Wilko’s into the unit previously rented by 99p store. This relocation is taking place at the shopping centre as part of the development work that will welcome the high street clothing store, Primark, to the Burnley Shopping Centre. Charter Walk will be the location for a new 40,000 sq. ft. Primark Store that is expected to open at some point in the Spring next year.

The relocation of Wilko’s has been successfully carried out by Addington Capital, the asset managers, and work to clear and the unit and carry out structural changes that are needed before the Primark fit out goes ahead. This work is being carried out by Lambert Smith and Hampton. It is thought that over the course of the next few months there will be more work carried out in order to prepare the unit for the popular high street shop.

The introduction of such a big high street name is great news for Burnley. The new store will hopefully attract more shoppers to the area, and provide a boost to the other stores in Burnley and should also add to the local economy.


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