Tridonic Has Recently Announced Plans to Further Expand Their Range

Tridonic Has Recently Announced Plans to Further Expand Their Range

Tridonic is a provider of lighting solutions. The business operates as a part of the Zumtobel Group and is known for playing a key part in the development of networked lighting and its connection to the Internet of Things. Tridonic is seen as one of the world’s leading smart lighting provider and has recently announced plans to further expand their range of dimmable LED lighting modules.

The business is looking to expand their product line by releasing the SLE SUNSET EXC. This light uses LED lights in order to illuminate and provide a warm intimate atmosphere, like the feel created by an incandescent lamp. The SUNSET lighting module will add to Tridonic’s range of modules that consists of FOOD, ART and Fashion. Each of these lighting modules offer the user a different spectrum of coloured light to suit any property of space. The spotlights and downlights on offer from the company are all dimmable, meaning the amount of light is customisable for each room, property or personal preference.

As well as the SLE SUNSET EXC, Tridonic have also developed the DLE ADVANCED. This product is a module that is efficient and flexible, suiting it for each LED driver. The new DLE ADVANCED is the fourth generation of the product and allows the user to customise and select whichever LED driver which is better suited for the space. This accommodation for customisation is a part of the Tridonic aim to develop more personal and smarter homes by integrating more and more advanced technology into their lighting solutions.

The DLE ADVANCED is thought to provide flexibility and efficiency that has been increased by 12%, which could then result in a reduction of costs. The module also comes with a white diffuser which has been included in order to make sure that the light given off is uniform and neutral.


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