Strata Raises £90,557 for a Local Support Group

Treasurer and Founder of Little Hiccups, Linsay Medica, is presented with a cheque of over £90,000 by Andrew Weaver CEO of Strata and Leonie Weaver, Charity and Events Manager

Strata, a Yorkshire company that specializes in property and development building in the area, has significantly aided a local group dedicated to supporting people whose children have special needs and disabilities much by providing them with a £90,557 cheque.

Strata have been dedicating the last year, since their decision to name Little Hiccups as the charity of 2016,to raising funds for the support group in order to help them with their task of helping families with disabled children across the region. Strata were fully dedicated to the enterprise and threw themselves into helping the group that they admired through a variety of different but always imaginative projects to raise funds for Little Hiccups. These ranged from organizing balls to running cake stalls in the local community, and their hard work finally paid off when they were able to present the group with a cheque amounting to well over £9,000.

Lindsay Medica, the creator of Little Hiccups and parent to Jack, who is aided by Little Hiccups as well, was very moved and astonished by Strata’s dedication towards raising such a large sum of money for the group. She also expressed her surprise that such a small charitable organization had been chosen by them as the charity of the year, clearly a testament to the wisdom that size does not matter. The hard work that all the families of Little Hiccups put into making the charity the way it is today were duly recognized by Strata, and Leonie Weaver of the property building company expressed how touched the company were by Little Hiccups’ bravery and positive attitude to improving the lives of families in the Leeds area. The sense of understanding and cooperation between these affected families, who could get together and help each other at Little Hiccups, is a truly astounding achievement for them and it is hoped that the funds will be enough for the charity to increase its support to other areas in the Yorkshire region.


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