Specialist Contractors at Risk From Payment Issues

Specialist Contractors at Risk From Payment Issues

Specialist Contractor businesses operating in the construction industry are at a significant level or risk from main contractors who are known to use underhand and unscrupulous tactics in order to increase their profits by not paying them for work that has been properly carried out.

A survey has been carried out recently alongside StreetwiseSubbie.com Limited. The survey has found that as many as 93% of specialist Contractors have experienced disputes either regularly or occasionally. These disputes often then lead on to financial problems and even the threat of closure for the Specialist Contractors, as payment is withheld from them for seemingly spurious reasons.

It is thought that payment abuse is rife in this sector of the construction industry and it should not be allowed to be left unchallenged. The survey also found that more than 955 of the 506 respondents said that the Trades Associations and the Government are not working hard enough to solve the problems.

The results of this survey is why StreetwiseSubbie, the firm that works to provide contractual and commercial management support for Specialist Contractors is holding a series of Contractual Training Events. These one-day training events will be taking place across the UK this month. Throughout November, the events, which will be titles “Understand you Contract to Minimise Risk and Maximise Profit”. The courses have been set up to give Specialist Constructors the skills and support needed in order to manage their contracts effectively and challenge the main contractors when they are not following or being underhand during the payment process.

The training courses will be taking place in Slough, Manchester and Loughborough during November and will offer the attendees a detailed overview of the essential elements of subcontract law and procedures. The emphasis of these course will be on JCT sub contracts and training will also be taking place in order to cover the more practical aspects of how contracts are formed and how to understand and use the main provisions of a contract.


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