Specflue Announced As a Finalist for the Pellet or Wood Chip

Specflue Announced As a Finalist for the Pellet or Wood Chip

Specflue has been announced as a finalist for the Pellet or Wood Chip (Non-Boiler) Appliance category as a part of the Hearth & Home Awards. Specflue has managed this great achievement with the MCZ Curve ductable pellet stove.

The Hearth & Home Awards are a hard fought for competition and awards scheme that seeks to recognise the best companies in the industry. The Awards took place at the Hearth & Home Exhibition. This event was held in Harrogate between the 11th and the 13th June 2017.

Specflue’s  modern curved stove has a ceramic cladding exterior and a newly designed firebox by Specflue which has been made deeper and higher that the stove’s competitors. The change in dimensions also has the benefit of following the natural movement of a flame. The MCZ Curve design has been created to suite corner installation while making an interesting design point in a room.

The Specflue design complies with the stringent requirements put in place for emissions and environmental requirements of the Ecodesign directive. The advantage of already complying to these specifications is that the directive is not in force yet, being enforced in 2022, is that the stove will not require any adaptations later on in order to fit the changing regulation.

The sealed combustion chamber of the MCZ Curve pellet stove means that oxygen is taken for the outside and thus reducing the consumption levels as well as being a thermal centerpiece in modern homes. Houses that have a class A energy rating will be able to use the curven stove without risk of smoke emissions in the room.

Another feature of the Hearth & Home Awards Finalist is a ceramic spark plug with has been added to make sure that the flame appears in less than three minutes. This alteration means that there is a 40% reduction of the ignition times which has a big impact on the electrical consumption of the stove.


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