Skipton Kaunches Bespoke Service for Million Pound Mortgages

Skipton launches bespoke service for million pound mortgages

The Skipton Bespoke service will specialise in providing mortgages of £1 million or more.

Brokers will be able to mix and match key product elements to create a unique mortgage for their clients. The bespoke service enables them to choose the product term, fee and blend of product incentives to best suit their needs.

Skipton Bespoke will provide flexible underwriting by an experienced larger loan team who will work closely with brokers to ensure all cases are individually assessed.

There is a dedicated support team to answer any questions and uniquely, direct access to Skipton Building Society’s product team to help design the exact product for the client.

Kris Brewster, Skipton’s head of products, said: “This proposition really emphasises the undeniable importance we place on having great relationships with our brokers. They’ve told us what they need, and we’ve listened.

“We’ve combined Skipton’s expertise with advice from market specialists to develop this fantastic proposition, as we know not everybody’s circumstances are the same.

“Customers with large loan needs typically have higher than average incomes, which can often be complex in nature and don’t lend themselves to standard mortgage products.

Skipton Bespoke allows brokers and their clients to design a mortgage suited to their individual needs, a unique offer which fits brilliantly with our Real Life Lending commitment and our guaranteed ‘five star level of service’ pledge to brokers.

“And  as part of this, bespoke service, brokers will get a premium level of  support, giving them  direct access to our dedicated team of IRMs,  underwriters, product managers and telephone support consultants support team.

“This really is a tailored service to meet their needs and it is completely on its own in the marketplace.”



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