Sally Thomas, Chief Executive of SFHA Discusses Federation’s Future

Sally Thomas, Chief Executive of SFHA Discusses Federation's Future

Sally Thomas, the newly appointed Chief Executive of the Scottish Federation of Housing Association, or SFHA, gave her first speech in the position on Wednesday the 30th August detailing her plans for the future of the SFHA and the sector. The speech was given at the Federation’s AGM and looked into how the federation adapts to the changing sector.

The new Chief Executive has said that it is important for the SFHA to work together and adapt to change in order to thrive. The Scottish Government has set a target to create 50,000 affordable homes and 35,000 social rented homes to be created by March 2021. In order to meet this target could be vital that new and more modern models are followed and developments are made by housing associations in order to plan for the future.

The future of the SFHA will involve young people and it is essential that operations work to adapt that to more radical ideas instead of staying with the cosy and familiar processes. The SFHA intends on being a positive voice in the sector for change. Housing is a vital area for the Scottish Government at the moment and as people are living independently and for longer it is vital that the amount of housing created can meet this increasing demand from the expanding population.  

The target to create 50,000 affordable homes could create a range of new opportunities in the development industry. The increase in demand for housing could lead to the increase in jobs and apprenticeships being created as well as providing a boost to the economy. Therefore, as well as creating housing for some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in country, there will be an increase in training and work possibly for a number of those people. Despite the uncertainties that have been created with Brexit, the SFHA will be working to ensure that their track record of opportunities is continuously delivered.


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