Plans to Extend Drax Power Station Has Been Completed by Britcon

Plans to Extend Drax Power Station Has Been Completed by Britcon

Drax Power station in Selby, North Yorkshire is the largest power station in the UK. Supplying 7% of the UK’s electricity, thee power station has a Strategic Store on their site in order to prepare in case of a shutdown. The Strategic Store in 16,500 sq. ft and has been on the site for nine years, holding a collection of different backup components for the turbines in case a shutdown occurs. Plans to extend this store have been actioned and completed by Britcon on behalf of Drax Group Plc.The building and civil engineering company has completed a £200,000 project for the power station that included groundworks, a large amount of paving and a number of new barriers. In order to carry out the work Britcon used their Engineering Services to design and build the steelwork required for the site. The steel for the project was manufactured at the Britcon Engineering Services site which is in Scunthorpe.

Drax Group and Britcon has been working in partnership for more than ten years. Britcon has been working according to a brief during this time period, and has helped the power station undergo a number of unpaid. The North Yorkshire power station has been transformed over the years from a coal powered plant to one that runs mainly on biomass fuel. 70% of the power that is generated at the power station is created using compressed wood pellets as opposed to coal to fuel the generators. The electricity that is generated using these wood pellets is enough to provide power for Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield.

It is great that a strong relationship has been developed between Drax and Britcon, and this site work is the fifth project with the company over the last three years. Britcon has previously carried out work on rail outloud facilities, ash storage facilities, on site roads, switch rooms lagoon repairs and ash pits across the Selby site for Drax Group Plc.


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