PegasusLife Completes First New Project of the Year

PegasusLife Completes First New Project of the Year

PegasusLife, a company dedicated to developing the ways in which the older generations of people live, is jubilant as the company have finished on a practical level the contracted completion of the new residential area for the elderly in Poole. Based in the area of Dorset on the South coast of England, the Canford Cliffs site will mark the first ever of PegasusLife’s property development initiatives in the whole of the Dorset area. The site itself took 14 months in total to build and the company’s contractual deal to develop the project was at a staggering £7.5 million. With a varied assortment of quality apartment space, a kitchen and a bar, the site’s facilities are ideal for residents.

Being the first site to have been completed by PegasusLife this year makes it an especially auspicious occasion and Mike Gill of PegasusLife has expressed his delight that the ambitious development (totaling four storeys high) has successfully reached the finishing stages of its development. Indeed, Mike Gill was pleased that the Dorset project involved the joint collaboration of PegasusLife with other companies that included AECOM supervising the project itself, as well as Midas Group dealing with the building aspects and SNUG Architects to ensure that the new residential site was completed on schedule and within budget. Indeed, these other businesses such as Midas Construction, who helped build the project from bottom to top, have enjoyed the experience of working alongside a development business as dedicated to the cause as PegasusLife.

Indeed, Paul Strachan of Midas Construction, a subdivision of Midas Group, explained that the company was very pleased to have collaborated with PegasusLife on the Dorset project and indeed would continue to do so on a number of other projects leading into the next year. Indeed, this will help PegasusLife’s ambition to build even more sites dedicated to improving the lives of the elderly in this country.


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