Morpeth Allotments to be Handed Back to the People

Morpeth Allotments to be Handed Back to the People

The brave and valiant people of Morpeth in Northumberland have battled hard and won against the tyranny of private ownership by acquiring the beloved allotments that were originally under the ownership of private conglomerate Isos. If only this could happen to the railways. The allotments were the pride and joy of many of the Morpeth locals, and now Mister Andrew Tebbutt the town mayor has arranged for the sites to be relocated.

With a deal amounting to 28 different plots of land in specifically four different locations, this is a considerable victory for the community, enhanced even more by the fact that Isos have even cooperated to cover the entire series of legal proceeds that will be needed to secure the transfer. Before this, Isos were commissioned to carry out an investigation as to whether the sites themselves were in an acceptable condition, and were aided in their search by a charitable non-profit organization known as Groundwork North East. What the two organizations compiled was evidence demonstrating to the fact that these allotments would need considerable improvements in order that they could gain a “good garden standard” that ideally all areas of vegetative growth in the United Kingdom would achieve without a problem. It has been announced that Isos as well as the county council will help to cover the reparation costs that will be needed to improve the conditions of these allotments.

But members of the community and the mayor of Morpeth are pleased that Isos and the county council have collaborated and worked with the town’s council, in order to ensure that the allotment land will remain in the town community’s ownership for the future years to come. Indeed, the mayor of Morpeth himself is pleased that everything has gone pretty smoothly and reiterates that his colleagues on the council are eager to cooperate with allotment landlords and businesses all around the Morpeth area.


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