Michelin Spent in Excess of £10 Million For an Upgrade

Michelin Spent in Excess of £10 Million For an Upgrade

Michelin has spent in excess of £10 million in order to upgrade their Stoke-on-Trent based logistics operation as well as opening a new European Distribution Centre. The 52,500 sq. m. building that has had the redevelopment work carried out will also hold the National Distribution Centre that will be used by ATS Euromaster. It has been estimated that with these two facilities, there will be the capacity to handle over 5 million tyres each year.

There has been a demand increase experienced by Michelin and in order to cope with this the company has expanded their logistics team to 150 members of staff. These team members are now responsible for dealing with the extra 2 million annual tyre movements that are to be expected as a part of the expansion and upgrade works at the Stoke-on-Trent facility. The extra tyre movements will be caused in part by ATS Euromaster’s nationwide operations.

The European Distribution Centre has been re-developed and now has 26 loading bays that can all be used simultaneously all day every day. Michelin made the most of the upgrade works in order to install top of the range fire protection systems to the facility, including 5,000 sprinkler heads in order to make sure that those working in and around the warehouse are protected by the maximum level of safety available.

The new facility has been put into operation after two years of [planning and work that led to the development of new IT systems and interfaces to allow communication between Michelin and ATS Euromaster’s systems, as well as with the logistics partners Great Bear and Teliae.

This new development is pivotal for Michelin and the partnership on the facility with ATS Euromaster will hopefully boost both companies, as they share one logistics team and vision to offer the best service possible. Hopefully this newly developed accommodation will allow both Michelin and ATS Euromaster the ability to grow.


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