Members of Parliament Getting Outside Into the Real World

Members of Parliament Getting Outside Into the Real World

It is always nice to see members of parliament getting outside into the real world sometimes and investigating the various industries and individuals that they purport themselves to represent, and on Thursday the 9th February the Housing Minister was no exception to that rule. indeed, Mister Gavin Barwell, the country’s Housing Minister as well as  Minister for the city of London, was found to be paying visits to owners of properties in the Ickenham area of the country.

Specifically visiting a site owned by McCarthy & Stone which has seen the successful development of new apartment spaces in the area, Mister Barwell was pleased to be within the company of the company’s CEO Mister Clive Fenton for the day. During the course of the day, Barwell was given a tour of the Heritage Place, which by now only has one third left of its 80 apartment spaces to sell, the majority of which are already being occupied by satisfied and smiling tenants in the West Ruislip area. The site itself is equally ideal for the care of the elderly, and is comprised of 25 spaces for people in retirement and 55 needing extra care or “Assisted Living.”

With meals on offer throughout every single day of the year and with on-site staff willing to help and take care of the residents that need it, the West Ruislip property development is a triumph of good planning and a testament to the West Ruislip community’s hard work over the years to take care and make space for the members of a gradually ageing British population. In the wake of the parliament’s passing of the Housing White Paper, Gavin Barwell MP’s visit was of particular relevance and it is hoped that more places like the Heritage Place in West Ruislip will be built around the country so as to ensure that the elderly of the country are given the care, love and compassion that they require.


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