Karbon Homes Announced That They Have Appointed a New Executive

Karbon Homes Announced That They Have Appointed a New Executive

Karbon Homes in Newcastle has announced that they have appointed a new executive who has experience at the highest levels within the technology and software industry. The new executive will be leading the customer services directorate.

Karbon Homes was created last month by a merging of Isos Housing, Cestria Community Housing and Derwentside Homes. This larger business now stretches across the region from Berwick to Stockton, and from the Tees Valley to the Northumberland Border and Cumbria in the west. The customer services directorate of Karbon employees 600 staff. These staff members include Karbon’s housing management team, their supported house function, those working in resident involvement and community engagement as well as the vast repairs and maintenance team.

Jo Ray is the newly appointed executive that will lead the customer services directorate of the newly expanded company. Jo is joining at a vital time, with the newly formed company building a new structure in order to manage the 24,000 homes in their portfolio as well as continuing to provide services to their residents. Jo Ray is originally from Hampshire and is joining the team at Karbon Homes after working at the Newcastle based Sage Group plc for 20 years. Jo states that she was looking for a change in her a career away from technology and software to an organisation that works to make lives better. Jo initially moved from Hampshire to the North East in 1996 as thee Director of Marketing at Sage. She then progressed to become Managing Director of the Small Business Division of the company in the UK before being the Managing Director for the Small Business Division in France, based in Paris. On her return to the UK Jo became the Group Director of Customer Experience.

Joining Karbon Homes when it is still a newly formed company will also allow Jo to build on the foundations that have already been laid down by the companies before the merger. It is thought that her previous role at Sage and her role at Karbon share the requirement of stable long term relationships with customers.


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